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Vets Returning Home is the only facility of itís kind in Macomb County.  Our program development includes ongoing research of current Michigan program features, implementation of hands on accountability to ensure that our vets obtain what is promised them, and ongoing vision to improve and simplify program features going into the future. Along with our collaborating and supporting partners, our structured program provides:

=  Life Skills Training   =   Employment Training   =  Education   = Job Opportunities/Referrals   =     Health Care Screening   = 

=    PTSD Counseling  =  Transportation Assistance   =   Meals & Clothing   =   Support Groups (Including PTSD)   =

=   Substance Abuse Intervention  =  Benefits and Entitlements Assistance  =

Vets Returning Home works closely with a multitude of human service providers, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to meet the needs of the veteranís medical, psychological and educational needs.  The purpose of our program is to give support to our veterans, who risked their lives for our country.
Vets Returning Home
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As a privately funded organization, your donations are always welcome.

As a privately funded organization, your donations are always welcome.
Vets Returning Home is proud to have been named


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